Green Expansion: Phase II

Updated May 23, 2010


With Phase I complete, the Green Expansion of the Garden continues with a number of spectacular new gardens and amenities for visitors to enjoy. The Green Expansion: Phase II offers visitors wonderful new features to explore including a delicious Edible Garden, a soaring Canopy Walk, the magnificent Storza Woods, and a sparkling Cascades Garden.

Edible Garden

Food, glorious food! An exciting Edible Garden is now filled with vegetables from around the world, tree fruits, soft fruits, culinary herbs and edible flowers. These beautiful, tasty plants replace the Garden's old parking lot.

Enjoy educational programming at a new Outdoor Kitchen. Gourmet chefs provide classes and tips on using delicious, freshly harvested, healthful produce.

Canopy Walk

The soaring Canopy Walk is a 600-foot reverse suspension bridge that provides a breathtaking journey through the treetops of Storza Woods. At its highest elevation 40 feet above the ground, visitors enjoy an intimate experience inside the tree canopy. This graceful, yet strong, suspension walkway has been designed and engineered with respect to its surroundings, resulting in minimal impact to the trees or forest floor.

Storza Woods

Storza Woods, which accounts for about half of the Garden's 30 acres, is one of the few remaining mature hardwood forests in the city of Atlanta. The woods contain a variety of native hardwood trees including maple, oak, tulip poplar, beech, black cherry, hackberry and flowering dogwood. Shortleaf and loblolly pines are also found there. Native wildflowers include bloodroot, trilliums and wild ginger.

Cascades Garden

A Cascades Garden bursting with brilliant flowers and flowing water features replaces the original hillside driveway to GardenHouse. Sights and sounds of waterfalls complement lush gardens filled with
colorful bold-textured plants. Sunlight pouring in puts this beautiful garden in striking contrast to the woodland gardens surrounding it.