Bruce Munro

In 2015, Bruce Munro: Light in the Garden featured unique installations created from hundreds of miles of optic fiber by Munro, a British artist internationally acclaimed for his use of light as an artisitic medium. The Garden transformed at dusk with imaginative, luminous works of art. Light was a site-specific exhibition and the largest in the Southeast.

The exhibition included six diverse installations, from massive displays to smaller sculptures, throughout the gardens and inside the conservatories – some set to music. Equally diverse were the artist’s materials, from fiber optics to recyclable plastic bottles.

The show’s largest and most spectacular installation, Forest of Light, featured more than 30,000 flower-like stems of lights blanketing Storza Woods – an extensive display that was experienced both from the ground and from the Canopy Walk above. The display was an adaptation of Munro’s iconic Field of Light first exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2004 and the largest installation of its kind in the world to date. Water-Towers included 6-foot tall cylindrical sculptures made of thousands of lighted, water-filled one-liter recyclable bottles.