& Research

The Southeastern Center for Conservation is a keystone of the Garden. From plant conservation research to education outreach, the Center is a hub for partners in conservation and research.

Science & Research

The Southeastern Center for Conservation focuses on four core areas of research: habitat restoration and monitoring, conservation genetics and evolutionary studies, pollinator surveys, and a conservation seed bank.


With conservation interests in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Virgin Islands) and Ecuador, the Garden is committed to positively affecting international plant populations through research, conservation, education and restoration.

Restoration & Monitoring

Restoring and monitoring imperiled plants and their fragile ecosystems threatened by human interference and natural forces is a primary mission of the Conservation & Research Department.

Outreach, Education
and Training

In addition to vital conservation work, the Garden’s Conservation & Research team is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and training others, from conservation experts to teachers and the public.

Meet the

The Garden’s Conservation & Research staff works on an international scale to improve the ecological stability of rare, threatened and endangered plants, and their habitats.

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The Atlanta Botanical Garden works in partnership to conserve imperiled plants and natural communities. Its multi-faceted approach blends rigorous field-based plant rescue and habitat rehabilitation with state-of-the-art molecular research, integrating the work of natural resource managers, student interns, and citizen-scientists into native plant conservation across the Southeast.
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