Atlanta Blooms

The tulips are coming! Celebrate springtime surrounded by meadows of tulips, daffodils, crocus and more. Ushering in the Garden's ruby 40th anniversary and color-filled Chihuly exhibition, this bulb display is fiery with thousands of blooms in red, orange and hot colors.

“Springtime is always beautiful in Atlanta, and this is our gift to the city – the opportunity to relish the season by immersing yourself in all this color and fragrance,” says Garden President & CEO Mary Pat Matheson.

*Bloom times vary. The exhibition is designed to bloom at varying times over several weeks depending on Mother Nature.

March - April 2016

April 5: Atlanta Blooms is exceptional this year!April 4: Glorious white tulip!April 3: Potted tulips basking in the sunshine!April 2: The blooms are at their peak!March 31: Blooms blanket the Garden in beauty!March 30: Tulips bloom in dozens of colors!March 29: Spring is in full bloom!March 28: Brightly colored tulips reach for the sunshine!March 27: Get an up close visit with the blooms!March 26: The tulips are magnificent!March 20: Come celebrate spring!March 19: The Edible Garden is a feast for the eyes on a grey day.March 17: The spring warm up has brought out the first beds of tulips!March 13: Meadows of daffodils are sprinkled throughout the Garden.March 13: Tulips in the Edible Garden are almost ready to bloom!March 12: The tulips are coming!March 11: The Edible Garden will feature the first blooming tulips!March 9: Fields of tulips will soon burst forth throughout the Garden!March 5: Not all daffodils are yellow!March 3: Crocus blooms are slowly waking up!March 3: Daffodils are the first signs of spring!

About the Exhibition

National Velvet, Teletubby, and Jap Groot are enticing favorites for the Visitor Center. The Levy Parterre sizzles in a tidal wave of color: Tequila Sunrise mix starts off cool but builds in heat as the blooms progress. The Edible Garden is blanketed in Perestroyka, a color-changing beauty in pink, peach and salmon, and orange daydream. Then there's a cool down with pink Menton and cream Maureen around the Great Lawn.

Also keep an eye out for hyacinths to perfume the air at the Conservatory pond. In addition, some trial tulips never before planted at the Garden - Mascotte, Orange Balloon and Blushing Lady - will try to make the cut.  

Which Bulb Are You?

Flowers have personality! Which bulb do you identify with?

Tulip: Tulips come in many bright, saturated colors. They love the sun so will seek out the best angle for lght. Striking and bold, tulips clearly love being the center of attention. Tulips are thought to be the symbol of perfect love.

Daffodil: Daffodils are trumpet shaped so seem to announce spring in a bright, trumpeting way. Generally golden-yellow and white, daffodils are seemingly quite friendly, growing together in fields and meadows. They are thought to be a symbol of rebirth and unrequited love.

Hyacinth: The hyacinth is a single dense spike of highly fragrant flowers. They are bell-shaped and beautiful, in many colors including pink and true blue. Hyacinth are thought to symbolize sports and play, signifying an adventurous and playful nature.

Crocus: Although more solitary and small of stature, crocus are determined and hardy. They are found in a wide range of habitats and thrive in late winter/early spring, growing through snow if need be. Crocus are thought to be a symbol of healing and foresight, signifying wisdom.