Garden Gates

An Exhibition of Works by Andrew T. Crawford

Discover a collection of garden gates by Atlanta metal artist Andrew T. Crawford. These iron works of art are featured among beautiful spring blossoms.

The gates range in size from monumental to diminutive and include such works as Sunflower, Twisted Bar and Threaded Gate. Some of the gates contain representational forms, such as flowers, birds, and vegetables, while others embrace soaring curves or abstract industrial shapes. Gates have a long association with gardens, serving to invite or deter entry depending upon the garden’s design.

Crawford’s gates elevate a traditional, functional apparatus to a level of fine art. In the exhibition, some of the gates function as passageways, but most are displayed as art objects among the plants or within existing structural elements.

In the Art Gallery
Stop by the Fuqua Orchid Center to view a collection of Crawford's original drawings and preparatory sketches.

March - April

About Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford grew up in Sandy Springs and now lives with his family in Atlanta. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, where he concentrated on sculpture. Working primarily in bronze and iron, he investigated metal fabrication and mold making, and created a thesis based in the transformation of every day objects into metal.

Crawford has been a creative partner of the Garden for many years. Some of his older works include the life-size tool gate in the Perennial Gardens as well as the former Garden entry gates now located in the Cascades Garden. Newer permanent features include the benches on the Canopy Walk.

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