Science Cafe

The Science Cafe returns to explore the topic of "Plants and Human Health" for a series of fun and lively discussions.

The series addresses health topics such as the development of low-cost drugs for treating malaria with synthetic compounds from sweet wormwood, the search for new sources of medicines in the Balkans and the use of Strychnos shrubs as a remedy, drug or deadly poison.

Visitors are encouraged to arrive early and sip from the featured "creative cocktail" as they discuss its botanical ingredients with Garden staff. The relaxed atmosphere allows visitors to ask questions, explore new topics, become informed and talk with scientists.

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Free with Garden Admission | Meet in Mershon Hall

In Partnership with the Atlanta Science Tavern
Sponsored by Emory's Center for Selective C-H Functionalization




Third Thursdays
May - October
7 p.m.

Plants and Human Health Series 2014

May 15 
Realizing the Promise of Synthetic: Advances in Medicine, Petroleum Replacements and Agriculture
Patrick Westfall, Ph.D., Dow AgroSciences

June 19
The Benefits of Antioxidants on Human Health
Wanida E. Lewis, Ph.D., General Mills

July 17
Under the Weather? The Health Consequences of a Changing Climate
George Luber, Ph.D., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

August 21
Medicines From Nature: Adventures of a Medical Ethnobotanist
Cassandra Quave, Ph.D., Emory, Center for Study of Human Health

September 18
Remedy, Drug, or Deadly Poison? Extracts from Strychnos Shrubs Around the World
Simon Blakey, Ph.D., Emory University

October 16
Handedness and Asymmetry of Molecules, Animals, and Orchids
Chris Welch, Ph.D., Merck & Co, Inc.