Free Calhoun Lecture

Every other year, the Garden offers a special opportunity for teachers to supplement their life science curriculum with presentations by leading horticulturists, explorers, and researchers.

The lectures are free and open to students in grades 6 - 12. After the lecture, participating classes are invited to take a self-guided tour of the Garden. The next lecture takes place in 2017.

The Calhoun Lecture series is made possible through the generous support of the family of Marion Peel Calhoun.



2015 Lecture

Amphibians in Our Future

Wednesday, March 25, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Presented by Mark Mandica, Amphibian Conservation Scientist, Atlanta Botanical Garden

For the past 25 years, amphibians have been disappearing globally from developed and pristine environments. Scientists have identified multiple factors contributing to these declines leading to a multifaceted approach to address the amphibian decline phenomenon. The Garden is home to the longest running Amphibian Conservation Program in the country and has worked with other institutions to help imperiled amphibian species in Latin America and in our native South Eastern US.

Presenter Mark Mandica has worked with global and native conservation efforts for the past 16 years and will describe to attendees why it is important to protect amphibians and the efforts that aim to conserve these incredible creatures.