Outreach Program

The Garden offers Title 1 designated schools in the Metro-Atlanta area FREE classroom presentations. Each 50-minute presentation offers interactive, hands on activities supporting science or health education Georgia Performance Standards.

Registration is open for the 2014 - 2015 school year. Space is limited - register early!

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Program Guidelines

  • Schools must be within 15 miles of the Garden
  • Presenters are limited to teach one grade level and one presentation topic per day. Up to 5 consecutive classes of the same grade level and presentation topic may be scheduled to repeat per day.
  • Presentations may be scheduled between 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. for 50 minutes with a 10 minute break between classes.
  • Maximum Classroom Size: 30 students
  • A teacher or teacher assistant must be present during each presentation.
  • Teachers receive post visit material after each presentation.
  • Schedule presentations so that topic coincides with classroom curriculum where possible.
  • If you must cancel a presentation or make changes to the presentation schedule call the Outreach Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance at 404 -591-1588.
  • To resechedule a presentation, contact Lauren Kim at least two weeks in advance by email or 404-591-1588. Reschedule dates are not guaranteed.

Topic Descriptions

Georgia’s Savage Habitats (Grade 3)
Georgia’s bogs are home to several species of insect eating plants, particularly the Pitcher Plant. Students learn about the Georgian bogs that the Pitcher Plants call home and why they are important ecosystems. Students explore other “savage” plants and get up close and personal with a Carnivorous Pitcher Plant. (Georgia Performance Standards: S3L1.a, S3L1.b, S2L1.d)

Amphibians Adaptations and Bromeliads (Grade 4)
Have you heard of tadpoles that live in plants? Did you know there are outrageous colored frogs with unique patterns? Students journey to the Rainforest without leaving the classroom to learn more about Amphibians, including Poison Dart Frogs, their characteristics, adaptations and special relationship with Bromeliads. (Georgia Performance Standards: S4L1.c, S4L2.a)

Amphibian Classification (Grade 5)
Amphibians are a diverse and fascinating animal group. Students explore the world of Amphibians and how they are related to other vertebrate animals by observing live specimens and sorting pictures of animals into groups. (Georgia Performance Standards: S5L1.a)

Classroom Taste Tests (Grades K - 5)
Where does our food come from? Students discover the journey of edible foodstuffs from farm to table. With the introduction and sampling of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, students increase their awareness of healthy food choices. (Georgia Performance Standards: HEK.1a, HEK.7a, HE1.1a, HE1.7a, HE2.1a, HE2.7a, HE3.1a, HE3.5c, HE3.7a, HE4.7a, HE5.1a, HE5.7a)

Identifying Georgia’s Trees (Grade 7)
Learn to identify common Georgian Trees with a dichotomous key. Students receive leaf samples and a key to figure out each sample’s name. (Georgia Performance Standards: S7L1)