Day Planner

Visit with Kids

Spend the day with your kids visiting the Children’s Garden, swimming in the Sunflower Fountain, exploring the Venus flytraps in the Soggy Bog, and learning about honeybees in the observation hive. More Information

Visit with Family

Spend a day with the family walking through the treetops on the Kendeda Canopy Walk, learning about new plants in the Sheffield Botanical Library, and discovering seasonal edibles in the Edible Garden. More Information

Visit at Night

Visit the Garden every Thursday night until 10pm (May - October) and experience the glowing Atlanta skyline and fragrant night-blooming flowers in the Fuqua Orchid Center. More Information

Power Hour

Only have an hour to visit the Garden?  Make your time count and visit the Fuqua Conservatory, Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, or the Lovely Southern Seasons Garden. More Information

Take a Date

For an inexpensive, but impressive date, visit the Garden and stroll through the romantic Rose Garden, listen to the sounds of the Cascades Garden, and share a drink at Cocktails in the Garden. More Information

Bird Watching

Keep an “eagle eye” out for many of the native birds that make their home in the Garden. More Information

Critter Crawl

On your next visit, keep an eye out for the many "critters" that make their home throughout the grounds. Saffron Finches, butterflies, and wood turtles are among the many different species of critters living among the Garden. More Information

Carnivorous Plant Hunt

Find carnivorous plants -- plants that eat bugs! -- in the Children's Garden, Upper Woodland Garden, Conservation Garden, Fuqua Conservatory, and the Fuqua Orchid Center.  More Information

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Make a game of your visit with a fun and informative scavenger hunt. The tour will send you through the Japanese Gardens and up to the Tropical High Elevation House. Spot different species of carnivorous plants and many other items. More Information

A Day for Gardeners

Discover new tricks and techniques to gardening in every season! Learn how to stake perennials, find new summer bulbs to add to a garden, find a new shrub with fabulous fruits to attract wildlife, or learn how to topdress a garden organically! More Information