Membership FAQ

Q: What is the direct phone number to Membership?

Please contact 404-591-1539 for membership assistance. If we are temporarily away from our desks, leave a short message. We make every effort to return your call promptly. Remember, sometimes your message may not record clearly, so if you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please call again.

Q: What is my Member Number?

As of August 2015, the Garden implemented a new ticketing system. Through this new system, members will use the new “Member Number” to receive member discounts online and to renew their annual membership online (a log-in and password is no longer required). Each time a membership card is printed, the system will assign an online “Member Number” to the plastic membership card(s). If you do not currently have a plastic membership card(s), you may request your updated card(s) at Admissions during your next visit to the Garden. To obtain or confirm your online Member Number right away, please contact Member Services at or 404-591-1538. It is very convenient to obtain your membership card at the Garden and helps to save resources, but we will mail your membership card to you if you request. Member numbers will update as you renewal annually, and will require a new Member card to be issued.

Find My Member Number

Q: What will happen to my "Old" Member Number?

Your previous Membership number, predating the system update will remain as your historic Member Number. This number will always be associated with all of your historical records as a Member with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. If you are a Founding Member (Members who have been with us for 40 years or more), we are now able to include a “FOUNDER” tag on your updated Member card and you are welcome to request a new card(s) at Admissions to include that designation if it is not already on your card(s).

Q: I have lost my membership card; what should I do?

Simply present your photo ID and ask a member of our Admissions staff at either our Atlanta or Gainesville location to print a new card(s) for you during your next visit to the Garden. Please be aware that your online Member Number will change at that time, so discard any previous cards should you find them. Or, if you prefer that we mail your card(s) to you, please contact Member Services at 404-591-1539 or You should receive your new card within 2 weeks by mail.

Q: Do you have a discounted Membership level for seniors, teachers, students and military?

We do not offer a senior, teacher, student or military discount on Garden Memberships.

Q: Must a Dual Membership or above have two names listed?

No, a second name is not required for Dual level Memberships or higher. If the Membership account lists one name, that person will receive only one member card and may bring a guest with them each time they visit. The named member must always be present to use this benefit. If two names are listed on the membership, two cards with both names will be provided. Each of the named members may bring a different guest, should the other named member be unable to visit on that day. However, if both named Members are planning to visit with guests on the same day, they must provide guest passes for each guest outside of the Membership. It is recommended that the Member uses the one-time use Guest Passes to allow complimentary entry for additional guests. For ease of entry, please ask your guest to fill the guest pass out before approaching the Admissions booth.

Q: At what age do children need to be included on a Membership?

Children ages 2 and under may visit the Garden for free. Memberships at the Family level and above allow free admission for children ages 3-17.

Q: What is the benefit of purchasing a Family Plus Membership?

The Family Plus Membership allows a caregiver (Nanny /Babysitter/Grandma/Grandpa, etc.) to use the membership to bring the Member’s children to the Garden. The caregiver visits in place of the adults named on the Membership. It is not necessary to list the caregiver’s name on your Membership. Simply lend your membership card to your caregiver for the day. When checking in at Admissions with your children, it is assumed they are caring for your children that day. This membership does not include a third adult however, you may use one of four guest passes to allow the caregiver to accompany your family on the day of your visit. Should only one cardholder visit with the caregiver, no guest passes are required for that day. Please note: Caregivers are not allowed to visit the Garden without the member's children, unless you decide to include them as named member on the account.

Q: I purchased a Family Plus Membership but my complimentary Botanical Express ride-on-train tickets were not in my Membership packet. When will I receive them?

The Botanical Express ride-on-train tickets are mailed separately, usually in late October or early November of each year. You will receive them before the train’s first date of operation for the holiday season, along with a listing of the dates and times that the train will be operating.

Q: Does the member need to be present when using guest passes?

No, guests may come on their own using member guest passes. They must fill out the name and address portion before the guest passes will be accepted.

Q: During special events, like Chihuly in the Garden, and Chihuly Nights, does my Membership entitle me to free for admission for both?

Membership at any level are allowed free entrance, during regular business hours to Chihuly in the Garden and discounted member tickets for afterhours special exhibition events such as “Chihuly Nights"

Q: What is the discounted Member rate for Chihuly Nights?

Chihuly Night’s ticketing rate for Chihuly Night's ticketing rate for members is $15.95 plus tax for Adult members and $9.95 for Member children, a $6 discount rate.

Q: Are the tickets for Chihuly Nights a timed entry?

No, you do not need to set a time to visit Chihuly Nights, once you purchase your tickets on the date of your choice; you are welcome to visit the exhibition during the hours of 6PM-10PM.

Q: At what times are guest passes valid?

Guest passes may be used during regular operating hours. Please refer to Visitor Info for a listing of our seasonal hours.

Q: Are my guest passes valid for Garden Lights, Holiday Nights?

No, Garden Lights, Holiday Nights is a special event outside of the Garden’s regular operating hours. Members may purchase as many tickets as they like at a member discounted price. Guest passes may not be used for a ny special events outside of regular hours.

Q: May I use my guest passes at a Member Preview?

No, because a Member Preview is an exclusive member event, we do not accept guest passes. For all membership levels (including Individual), we allow 2 adults and any children under 18 in that household to attend Member Previews.

Q: May I use my guest passes at Member Evenings?

Yes, guest passes are allowed to be used for Member Evenings at this time. Please check out the Member Evening page for further updates.

Q: Is parking free at the Garden?

No, please refer to Visitor Info for parking rates.

Q: May I purchase a multi-visit parking pass?

Yes, multi-visit parking passes are a great way to visit the Garden often and to receive a discount on regular parking rates. Multi-visit parking passes do not expire and members receive bonus visits. The most immediate way to purchase and use a multi-visit parking pass is to purchase it in the Garden Shop. A kiosk is available in the parking deck for parking pass reloads. A multi-visit parking pass does not guarantee a parking space. Occasionally during popular events, the parking deck may close for a short period of time until spaces open. When that occurs, please seek legal off-street parking near the Garden.

Q: Is my Garden Membership payment tax-deductible?

Please refer to the chart to calculate the tax-deductible portion of your membership gift.

Membership Level Gift Amount Non-deductible Portion
Individual $75 $0
Dual $99 $0
Family $109 $0
Family Plus $139 $0
Contributing $195 $0
Supporting $350 $70
Donor $600 $70
Director’s Club $1,200 $170
Arbor Circle $2,500 $498
Magnolia Circle $5,000 $532
Orchid Circle $10,000 $566

Q: Is my membership eligible for a matching grant?

Each charitable gift to the Atlanta Botanical Garden helps to sustain the Garden’s wide variety of mission-driven programs and activities and is an important source of revenue for the on-going operation of the Garden. Please visit our Matching Grant and Volunteer Grant Resource Page for the latest information about your employer’s matching grant program. Please note that funds from matching gifts typically cannot be used to upgrade your membership.

Q: If I am a volunteer, may I apply for a volunteer grant for the Garden through my employer?

If you volunteer at the Garden, your company may offer a volunteer grant program. Thank you for visiting our Matching Grant and Volunteer Grant Resource Page to see if your company participates.

Q: May I visit other gardens with my Atlanta Botanical Garden membership?

Yes! The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a member of the American Horticultural Society’s Reciprocal Admission Program. Your Garden membership offers benefits at nearly 300 gardens, arboreta and conservatories in North America and the Cayman Islands. For a list of participating venues and the benefits they offer, please visit To redeem your benefits, present your current membership card to that garden. Please note that the 90 mile exclusion rule stipulates that gardens within 90 miles of each other will not offer reciprocal benefits.

Q: Do I receive discounts at Garden Centers or other businesses as an Atlanta Botanical Garden member?

Yes, the local Garden centers and businesses who give current Atlanta Botanical Garden members a discount throughout the year are listed below. Please show a valid membership card to receive your discount.

10% discount: Atlanta Botanical Garden Gift Shop in Atlanta and Gainesville, Gardening at Hill Street, GardenHood, Just Add Water Rare Plant Nursery, Pike Nurseries, Randy’s Perennials and Water Gardens

20% discount: Dorough Landscape Company Floral Nursery

Q: How can I learn more about plants?

Learn answers to your gardening questions from Master Gardeners at our Plant Hotline at 404-888-GROW (4769) or Please include your contact information. Plant Hotline.

Q: How can I become a volunteer at the Garden?

Visit the Volunteer Page for specific information about the Garden’s volunteer program.

Q: I would like to request a Membership donation for an auction. Who should I contact?

To request a donation, please complete the Donation Request Form. Thank you for following these guidelines.

Still looking for your answer? If so, please contact Member Services at 404-591-1539 or We are happy to assist you.