Nourish & Flourish Capital Campaign

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Visitors to Atlanta’s urban oasis have watched in amazement over the past several years as new gardens blossomed and facilities were improved through the ongoing $50 million capital campaign Nourish & Flourish.

“The plan is an organic continuation of the energy, creativity and success of the previous New Seasons capital campaign and positions the Garden to continue blossoming for years to come,” said Mary Pat Matheson, the Anna and Hays Mershon President & CEO of the Garden.

Completed projects include new gardens in Storza Woods and along the eastern boundary overlooking Piedmont Park, a renovated Children’s Garden, a new full-service restaurant and additions to Gardenhouse and the Training and Conservation Center.

Much has been achieved through this campaign but there's still time to help. Learn more about how you can help the Garden grow.

Lou Glenn Children's Garden

As one of the Garden's most popular attractions, the Children's Garden has received a facelift with lots of new features and exhibits but with plenty of old favorites maintained as well.

When it opened in 1999, the Children's Garden was one of the first of its kind in the country. and now it is time to imagine a new chapter for future generations to enjoy. The re-envisioned garden, newly named the Lou Glenn Children's Garden, dramatically expands opportunities to engage children directly with plants by adding more bedding space for edible plants, places for kids to hide amongst grasses and willows, and close encounters with carnivorous plants. The new garden also abounds with opportunity for hands-on activity because the best learning for children is accomplished through play. In addition, one of the most popular features, the splash fountain, will be shifted from the garden’s entrance and expanded for more room to splash.

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Restaurant & Gardenhouse Expansion

Be prepared to be wined and dined with a total guest experience at the Garden's new Atlanta restaurant.. Longleaf is a delicious destination for both plant and food enthusiasts.

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Fuqua Conservatory Renovation

Significant upgrades to the 23-year-old conservatory were essential to ensure the long-term sustainability of the building and the biodiversity it nurtures. The nearly completed project includes repairing and replacing the interior and exterior exposed aggregate concrete, an overhaul of climate control systems for the unique tropical environment and restroom renovations.