A Day for Gardeners

Visiting the Garden throughout the year can provide inspiration and information for home gardeners. Below is a list of techniques and plants to see during each beautiful season in the Garden. To learn more about certain topics, check the Garden website class listing for upcoming educational opportunities.


  • Explore the fabulous pansy and tulip displays
  • Discover the Anne Cox Chambers Southern Seasons Garden coming to life with early blooming flowers.
  • Observe how to stake perennials.
  • Learn how to prepare soil as Garden horticulturists prepare beds and plant summer annuals and perennials.
  • Learn how to re-pot aquatic plants as Garden horticulturists divide and re-pot water lilies.


  • Get ideas for stunning annual combinations for containers.
  • Find new varieties of summer vegetables and edible flowers suitable for the Southeast in the Edible Garden.
  • Find some new summer bulbs to add to perennial borders.
  • Explore more than 120 cultivars of hydrangeas through the Anne Cox Chambers Southern Seasons Garden.
  • Find a new plant to add to a butterfly garden by watching the many butterflies.


  • Get ideas for late season perennials to add to a garden Perennial Border.
  • Find a new shrub with fabulous fruits to attract wildlife.
  • See what vegetables can be planted in fall in the Edible Garden.
  • Watch the horticulture staff “put the garden to bed for the winter” and observe how they clean up perennial borders.


  • Enjoy the Levy Parterre filled with colorful winter annuals and the Winter Garden.
  • Observe the horticulturists topdressing the Garden, which organically improves soil quality.
  • Look for how deciduous shrubs and trees are pruned during the cooler winter months.
  • Observe the “bare bones” of the Garden and get landscape design ideas for pathway flow, directing views and evergreens to provide structure in a garden.

Download this Itinerary

Gardeners get a close-up look at plants that grow well in Atlanta.