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Chandler Foresman

Chandler Foresman is the Conservation Horticulturist at the Conservation Safeguarding Nursery in Gainesville, Georgia. He became interested in horticulture while interning with the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center in 2018, where he developed a horticultural skill-set emphasizing native plant ecoscaping, sustainable land-use practices, and ex-situ collections management.

Chandler received his B.S. in Plant Ecology from Emporia State University in 2020. While at ESU, he assisted with ongoing research on the invasive species Serecia Lespedesia (Lespedeza cuneate) and Caucasian Bluestem (Bothriochloa bladhii), managed the research and teaching collections within the campus's greenhouse, and interned with the Nature Conservancy at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. After graduating, he began working as the Assistant Grower at Taylor Creek Restoration Nursery. In his current role, he is working to implement cultural practices reflecting the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) Best Practices Guideline for in-situ reintroductions and maintaining the genetic diversity of rare plants through maternally line tracked individuals.