Global Efforts

In addition to restoring lost orchids in the Caribbean and helping a local school preserve a rainforest in Ecuador, the Garden has also established The International Plant Exploration Program, which aims to evaluate, preserve and disseminate seeds from plants in Southeast Asia.

Cuba’s Lost Orchids

Natural and human-influenced disasters over several decades have led to the disappearance of four orchids from South Florida. With help from Cuban partners, the Garden may one day be able to restore them.

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Siempre Verde
Research Station

For more than 10 years, the Garden has partnered with The Lovett School at the school’s Ecuadorian cloud forest preserve to develop research and educational capacity for conservation and plant science.

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Safeguarding Imperiled Orchid and Carnivorous Plant Species of Puerto Rico Following Hurricanes Irma and María

Puerto Rico’s recent natural disasters are expected to happen with increasing frequency. The Garden is working to safeguard the 2,300 native plant populations before they are further influenced by devastating natural disasters.

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