Art in the Garden

Earth Goddess

Part of the 2013 Imaginary Worlds exhibit, Earth Goddess became a permanent installation greeting guests as they enter the Cascades Garden.

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Airborne by Moto Ohtake stands proudly near the front entrance to the Hardin Visitor Center greeting visitors to the Garden. This wonderful example of kinetic art was on display during the Sculpture in Motion exhibition in 2008.

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Fritz Paul Zimmer immortalized a small Deer he befriended in his native Germany. The elusive figure of cast bronze resides in the Southern Seasons Garden. It is on extended loan from the High Museum of Art.

Garden Gates

Andrew Crawford's 27-foot steel Garden Gates used to welcome visitors on the old entrance drive. During the expansion of the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2010, the gates were relocated to the top of the new Cascades Garden. Crawford avoided the cliché of vines and emphasized line, movement and gesture.


This abstract bonded bronze work was sculpted and cast by Sergio Dolfi as a "watching being" symbolizing alertness. Dolfi appropriately named it Guardian. Guests can view Guardian near the Rock Garden.


In memory of Helen Hardwick, this portrait evokes the tragedy of a young life cut short. Jean Gevaert cast the original clay sculpture in a marble dust and cement mixture for outdoor use. Helen can be found between the Japanese Garden and the Herb Garden.


A charming young girl surrounded by flowers takes careful steps. Teena Stern and Donald Haugen collaborated on this work in bronze. Isobel is located in the Southern Seasons Garden.

Nepenthes Chandelier

The Nepenthes Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind creation by Dale Chihuly and was a favorite of visitors during the 2004 Chihuly in the Garden exhibit. A captivating assemblage of brightly colored glass in hues of yellow, chartreuse, and gold with touches of red, the chandelier sparkles in the Hardin Visitor Center. The Nepenthes Chandelier was donated by David Jost Tufts in memory of Jeff Lewis.

Parterre Fountain Installation

Created for the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2004, Dale Chihuly's Parterre Fountain Installation is a one-of-a-kind sculpture in blue and white, interpreting shapes and colors of water, ice and sky. A captivating assemblage of twisting, brightly colored glass, the sculpture sparkles in Levy Parterre Fountain, where it is especially lovely lit up after dark. See it sparkle from a whole new perspective, the top of the recently renovated Alston Overlook.

Tendrils, Gingko Leaf Variation

George Sherwood's reflective work Tendrils, Gingko Leaf Variation reveals a complex engineering system that harnesses the power of wind to come to life in graceful sweeping motions. This beautiful example of kinetic art was on display during Sculpture in Motion in 2008.

Water Features

Frog Baby

With a frog dangling from each hand, everyone's favorite baby expresses pure joy. The bronze fountain by Edith Barretto Parsons expresses the infectious merriment of childhood. The sculpture is centered in Frog Baby Pool.

Green Man

Half man/half plant, the Green Man represents Father Nature in the role of protector, defender and guardian of the natural world. Christopher Condon selected Indiana limestone for the work.

The Green Man is currently being relocated as part of a major renovation to the Children's Garden.

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High Elevation Waterfall

Mark Fockele designed and built the rock waterfall in the High Elevation House of the Fuqua Orchid Center of gneiss rescued from a roadway. Orchids and companion plants from cloud forests thrive in the mist.

Howell Fountain

Centrally located at the pedestrian axis of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the vigorous Howell Fountain tosses white water against the blue sky and appears in many photographs of the Fuqua Conservatory.

Lily Pond (Reflecting Pool)

Reflecting the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory and the sky, this pool is filled with hardy and tropical water lilies, lotus and aquatic plants. Darting goldfish delight visitors.

Pan of Rohallion

Frederick William MacMonnies sculpted an impish Pan of bronze. Pan plays his reed pipes as he stands on a globe supported by dolphins jumping out of a pond. This sculpture can be found in the Fragrance Garden, located between the Conservatory and the Orchid Center.

Sibley Sculpture on Ferst Fountain

An 80-foot ceramic mural by Christine Sibley adorns the Ferst Fountain. Water naiads are represented in bas relief peering out from behind the waterfall, while water lilies and lotus blossoms resemble a work in stained glass.