The tropical conservatory is alive not only with plant collections but also with many animals. This successful cohabitation is indicative of horticultural practices that encourage a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

The trilling of the dart frogs and the mating call of the geckos are evidence of creatures mostly unseen. Beautiful yellow saffron finches, native to South America, fly about the canopy while various species of quail patrol the under-story brush seeking insects and greenery on which to feed. Tropical wood turtles and tortoises openly bask in their terrestrial habitat, occasionally sipping collected water from a cupped leaf or stone.

The lush waterfall, home to many of the dart frogs and tree frogs, cascades over the mossy stone into the pool below. This is where two alligator snapping turtles permanently reside, leaving the water only to nest. (Or...waiting for their next meal.)