Conservation Gardens

The display areas that comprise the Conservation Gardens function as the main educational component of the Native Plant Conservation Program. Native pitcher plant bogs are a major focus of this garden. Six themed bogs have been constructed to show the characteristics of a natural bog habitat:

  • Coastal Plain Bog
  • Georgia Bog
  • Alabama Bog
  • Hybrid Bog
  • Western Gulf Coast Bog
  • Fall-line Bog

Habitat theme plantings that showcase rare habitats of Georgia complement the bog gardens. These plantings represent unique plant communities of the Southeast and showcase some of the rare and threatened plant species that you would find in these habitats.

In addition to the beautiful plants that exist naturally in these areas, each of these habitats has interesting stories to tell. These areas are becoming increasingly hard to find in the wild. The three plant community zones that you will encounter as you enter the Conservation Garden from Robinson Gazebo are:

  • Longleaf Pine/Wiregrass
  • Fall-line Sandhill
  • Granite Outcrop

The staff of the Garden Conservation Program is involved in restoration and conservation projects in each of these plant community types. This garden provides us with the opportunity not only to demonstrate the usefulness of native plants in landscaping but also to showcase the plants that we are so dedicated in saving from extinction. By viewing these native plants in a garden setting, our hope is that visitors will leave the garden with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of these habitats to plant biodiversity.