Scientific Name:
Native primarily to the Malaysian region, India and Australia

This gigantic carnivore eats many insects and has even been known to eat small mammals like rats! Nepenthes are shaped like a large cup. People have been known to use the cups to carry water and even cook rice.

The living cups are filled with an acidic substance like your saliva, which help the plant digest its prey. The whole plant is covered with nectar glands that attract insects. The insects greedily eat the nectar substance, which makes them a feel a little dizzy. Soon, the insects are unable to balance on the top of the cup and they fall into the acidic water. They cannot escape the pit of doom because the sides are slippery. Soon the insect dies and the Nepenthes pitcher absorbs the nutritious bug juice.

Some insects are able to live inside the Nepenthes pitcher. Spiders propel themselves down into the cup to steal the plant’s prey and some small insects like mosquito larvae live inside the acidic water.