Scientific Name:
Native to every continent except Antarctica

Sundews are sparkling beauties with a taste for insects. Their leaves are covered with long tentacles. On the end of each tentacle is a sticky ball of glue that looks like a sweet drop of nectar.

Insects are attracted to the glue droplets because they think it is a delicious meal. When the insect lands on the leaf, it discovers that the shiny drops of nectar are actually like glue! The more the insect tries to flee, the more glue the sundew makes. The tentacles start wrapping around the insect, preventing any escape, oozing more sticky glue. The sundew covers the insect’s body with digestive juices.

Within days, the insect’s soft insides liquefy into insect juice, which the sundew readily drinks. Once the sundew is finished, it unwraps its prey and the skeleton falls to the ground.