Restoration & Monitoring

Habitat Restoration

Protecting wetlands in the Southeast is a priority of the Atlanta Botanical Garden's conservation mission. From monitoring conditions to controlled burns and the reintroduction of rare species, the Garden is restoring native habitats on the Florida and Louisiana coastlines.

Restoration of Species Diversity and Hydrologic Function in Wetlands within the Coastal Dune Lake Watershed

The Garden, in partnership with the Florida Park Service, is restoring 220 acres of wetlands at Deer Lake State Park in Walton County, Florida. The project is tasked with improving water quality and restoring wetlands within the watershed of globally rare and imperiled coastal dune lakes.

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Propagating and Reintroducing Rare Species to Restored Bogs in Florida State Parks

Since 2012, the Garden has been working to restore coastal dune lakes and watersheds along Florida’s Coastline, an important, yet degraded transitional habitat between the Gulf of Mexico and upland communities.
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Propagation, mapping and re-introducing rare species to restored bogs and wet pine savanna in Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

With support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Garden is working to restore the wet prairie and seepage slope in Louisiana by augmenting local populations of Sarracenia alata.

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