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Georgia-Pacific Classroom

Inside the Fuqua Orchid Center, this flexible classroom space is a perfect rental space for small seminars, trainings and receptions.

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Perennial Garden

Perennials are the backbone of a multi-layered garden, and best of the form a textured contrast to the oppeness of the nearby Great Lawn.

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Cox Courtyard

Cox Courtyard is an inviting, lush, tranquil space featuring a beautiful handcrafted copper fountain in the center of the plaza.

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Alston Overlook

Unforgettable events start with unforgettable locations, and the view from Alston Overlook is exactly that.

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Snack Bar

Light refreshments are available at the Snack Bar in the Perennial Garden near the Great Lawn. The bistro-like setting is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a variety of sandwiches, snacks and beverages. HOURS Open through spring/summer | Hours change seasonally Garden admission is required

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Quick Cafe

While the main dining areas of Longleaf offer a full menu of garden-inspired cuisine, the Quick Café in the back of the restaurant focuses on easy grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts to enjoy in nearby seating or in the Garden.

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Green Roof

The Green Roof over the Hardin Visitor Center is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful.

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Anne Cox Chambers Flower Walk

You'll never forget the first time you experience the Anne Cox Chambers Flower walk in bloom. Designed for color year round, there's no better way to welcome visitors to the Skyline Garden and Robinson Gazebo.

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Vine Arbor

Take a cool break in the shade of endless vines wrapped around the arbor beside the Great Lawn.

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The Orchard

The path between Vine Arbor and the Edible Garden alongside the Perennial Garden proves that even connecting paths between gardens offer additional opportunities for botanical interest.

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Conifer Garden

Explore the Garden's heralded collection of conifers in a garden that provides year-round interest at the front of the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.

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Have you ever encountered a Venus Flytrap in real life? Examine incredibly fascinating species of carnivorous plants, orchids and other native plants at the heart of the Garden's conservation program.

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Camellia Walk

You'll find colorful blooms at the Garden, even in winter, when the cold-loving blooms of the camellia sparkle.

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Azalea Walk

Storza Woods blooms wild with color in early summer thanks to the bold flowers of native Rhododendrons on the Azalea Walk

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Channel Garden, Boardwalk
and Beechwood Overlook

Experience woodland beauty in the heart of Midtown from the boardwalk paths and overlooks in Storza Woods.

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This respite at the edge of Storza Woods is an effervescent garden in shades of pinks, whites and purples that features stunning water features and an unforgettable electric Chihuly sculpture.

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Bowl Garden

The Bowl Garden offers beautiful displays in Storza Woods.

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Storza Woods

Lose yourself in the tranquility of Storza Woods, one of the few remaining old-growth forests left in the City of Atlanta.

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Botanical Library

Located in Gardenhouse, the Sheffield Botanical Library collection serves Garden staff and the visiting public, and offers a nook of puppets and kids' books for young Garden guests.

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Take in stunning views of terraced succulents above Piedmont Park against the Midtown skyline in the Garden's most modern space.

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Orchid Reference

Located in the Southeastern Center for Conservation, the Orchid Reference Library features an extensive collection of research materials pertaining to orchids and other plant collections available to outside researchers.

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Tropical High
Elevation House

Experience vibrant plants in the the cool of the Fuqua Orchid Center’s Tropical High Elevation House, which features orchids, pitcher plants, tropical blueberries and more that grow in the tropics between 4,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level.

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Orchid Display

Experience countless showy orchids that grow in the tropics from sea level to 6,000 feet elevation in the Orchid Display House of the Fuqua Orchid Center. Examine several Euglossine bee- pollinated orchids, Asian slipper orchids, moth orchids and more.

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Orchid Atrium

Often filled with lush, tropical displays of orchids and other plants, the Orchid Atrium welcomes guests to the Fuqua Orchid Center.

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Special Collections

Discover Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants and rare conifers from the Southern Hemisphere, in the Special Collections display area of the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.

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Discover the plants behind familiar foods and other products in the Orangerie inside the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory, where economically, medicinally and industrially significant plants from around the world are grown and displayed.

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Look, but don't touch! The Desert House inside the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory celebrates the surprising diversity and harsh beauty of the desert habitats of southern Africa and Madagascar. Discover the many unique adaptations these plants developed to survive and thrive in these rugged environments.

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Experience the world's lushest climate where more than half of the planet's plants and animals live: Earth’s equatorial tropics. The Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory’s Tropical Rotunda houses plants from many tropical regions throughout the world and explores the complex relationships between humans and plants.

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Dorothy Chapman
Fuqua Conservatory

Explore the botanical richness and stunning biodiversity of several distinct environments housed in the Fuqua Conservatory, where a tropical rainforest meets the South African Desert. Visitors can learn how humans relate to the plant world in many complex ways.

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Southeastern Center
for Conservation

The Southeastern Center for Conservation enables the Garden to lead innovative strategies and partnerships to conserve imperiled plants and natural communities in the southeastern United States, Caribbean and Ecuador.

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Strickland Garden
and Color Border

Surround yourself with color on the Great Lawn as these two beds of perennials burst to life in spring and summer.

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Outdoor Kitchen

The fresh produce of the Edible Garden comes in handy in the Outdoor Kitchen, where a variety of tasty programs bloom in warm-weather months.

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Edible Garden

Explore the ever-changing crops in the Edible Garden, where guests are reminded that without plants, there would be no other life on Earth.

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Great Lawn

Take in sweeping vistas of the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory and the Midtown skyline beyond from the Garden's largest open space, the Great Lawn.

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Rock Garden

Discover the unique and often beautiful plant adaptations abound in the Rock Garden between the Great Lawn and the Anne Cox Chambers Flower Walk.

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Rose Garden

Explore the guest-favorite Rose Garden and its diverse collection of colorful and fragrant blooms, particularly on May - September mornings.

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Mershon Hall is occasionally used for member events and large Garden events, but is often the site of beautiful weddings and other private events.

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Levy Parterre

Experience the stunning beauty of the Garden's most formal space inspired by classic gardens popular in 17th-century France.

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Blooming since the 1960s, no garden room has a richer history than the charming Japanese Garden. Its combination of Japanese garden styles impresses with authentic elements that include a Moon Gate and antique lantern that mark its entrances.

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Day Hall

This large indoor meeting space is primarily used for private rentals and large Garden-sponsored events. At its entrance, enjoy views of the Levy Parterre from Lanier Terrace.

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Enjoy full-service dining or grab and go from the Quick Café at Longleaf restaurant.

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The Lou Glenn
Children's Garden

Grow, splash, play and learn about the plant world with your kids in Lou Glenn Children's Garden – a beloved family destination since 1999.

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Find a moment of peace in this formal garden built to honor those who have served on the Garden's Board of Trustees.

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Canopy Walk

Walk among the treetops, 40 feet in the air, on the Kendeda Canopy Walk, considered the largest tree canopy-level suspended walkway of its kind in the United States.

Visit Kendeda Canopy Walk

Anne Cox Chambers Garden

Explore the "rooms" of the garden that greet guests as they begin their journey.

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SAGE Parking

On-site parking is available in the SAGE Parking Facility for Garden guests on Levels 4, 5 and 6 via the Garden's Piedmont Avenue entrance.

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Hardin Visitor Center

The dramatic contemporary design of the Allen and Gail Hardin Visitor Center beckons visitors with its expansive glass, natural lighting and one very special sculpture by Dale Chihuly.

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Relax in the tranquil surrounding of hardy tropicals, flowing water and the unforgettable majesty of Earth Goddess, one of the Garden's most iconic living sculptures.

Visit Cascades Garden


Host your private event in Gardenhouse, near Cox Courtyard.

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Orchid Center

Orchids are exhibited year round in the 16,000 sq. ft. display space of the Fuqua Conservatory. This space showcases the large and diverse collection consisting of landscaped areas and seasonal displays.

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