Outdoor Collections

From the hydrangeas in the Southern Seasons Garden to the world-class collection of carnivorous plants in the Conservation Garden, the Garden's outdoor collections offer new plant discoveries throughout the year.


Explore these Garden staples valued for their delicate flowers in an array of fanciful colors and often delicate fragrances. Although found throughout the Garden, they are, of course, showcased in the Rose Garden.

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Explore one of the Garden’s most diverse collections with more than 20 species represented.

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The conifer collection represents flora from all over the world and includes some of the Garden’s rarest plants.

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Explore the Garden’s collection of more than 80 maple species in Atlanta and Gainesville.

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Featuring more than 25 species, the Garden’s camellia collection includes a number of unusual varieties.

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The Garden’s nationally-recognized magnolia collection of more than 200 species and cultivars is mostly grown at the Gainesville Garden, which is considered an industry leader in magnolia propagation.

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Carnivorous Plants

This fascinating collection of insect-eating plants includes Asian Pitcher Plants, Sun Pitchers, Sarracenia and Venus Flytraps. The conservation of several of these plants

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Seasonal Display

Colorful and dramatic plantings can be found throughout the Garden tailored to each season and location. These bold plantings are thoughtfully designed to enhance the permanent collection plants and often special exhibit installations.

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