& Monitoring

The restoration and monitoring of imperiled plant species helps maintain delicate ecosystems threatened by human interference. The Garden's Conservation & Research team does its part through native plant conservation, rare species propagation, contributing to the statewide safeguarding database and protecting southeastern wetlands through controlled burns and plant reintroduction.

Native Plant Conservation

The Garden’s conservation efforts include the restoration and monitoring of several native plants.

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Safeguarding Database

The Garden joins more than 40 environmental organizations in databasing priority plant species throughout the state.

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Orchid Conservation

The Garden is involved in the conservation and restoration of a number of native orchids.

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Habitat Restoration

Protecting wetlands in the Southeast is a priority of the Garden’s conservation mission. From monitoring conditions to controlled burns and the reintroduction of rare species, the Garden is restoring native habitats on the Florida and Louisiana coastlines.

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Plant Propagation

The Garden utilizes its Tissue Culture Lab, Conservation Greenhouse and Safeguarding Nursery to grow imperiled species from cutting or seed to plant.

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