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Special Collections Exhibits

The Fuqua Conservatory’s Special Collections display, located between the Orangerie and Desert House, features an array of themed plants changed seasonally to highlight unique specimens in the Garden's collection.

Current display: I Will Survive! Plant Adaptations


Called an ant plant because of its symbiotic relationship with ants, this unique plant provides a habitat for ant colonies high in the forest canopy. The woody stem hides hollow spaces, like little apartments for ants that keep them safe from weather and predators. In turn, the ants protect the plant by swarming to defend their home. They also provide nutrients through the waste they leave in the tunnels.

Euphorbia viguieri

Native to Madagascar, this spiny succulent has adapted to survive in dry conditions. Like many Euphorbia species it oozes a toxic, milky latex if injured by a predator.

Kleinia fulgens

Native to South Africa, this succulent produces beautiful coral colored flowers that attract pollinators, like butterflies, necessary for reproduction. It has fleshy, grey-green leaves to retain water in hot, dry climates.

Kalanchoe tomentosa

Native to Madagascar, tiny hairs cover the leaves of Kalanchoe tomentosa, commonly called panda plants, giving them a fuzzy, velvety appearance. These hairs allow the plant to reflect light, reduce water evaporation, and protect it from wind and heat.