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The Lou Glenn Children’s Garden

First opened in 1999, the Children's Garden was built in partnership with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to emphasize wellness and healing. Among the first of its kind in the country, the two-acre garden underwent extensive renovation in 2015-16 and reopened as the Lou Glenn Children's Garden, which honors a longtime supporter who was instrumental in developing the original space.

The Lou Glen Children's Garden is accessed by crossing the charming Flower Bridge, arched over what was previously the Garden's main entry road. When the kids aren't having fun splashing, climbing and creating at various interactive stations, there's plenty to learn from display collections. A steeped vegetable garden demonstrates the various stages of edible gardening. The conservation bog piques curiosity with Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants. In spring, the border of the Splash Pad brims with colorful layered bulbs.

The Children's Garden is also home to living collections of a different sort: honeybees. During warm weather months, see the inside of a beehive as bees feverishly make honey behind the safety of a glass case.

Splash Pad

During warm seasons, usually around May to August, the Children’s Garden interactive Splash Pad offers a place to cool off and have fun.

Amphitheater Performances

The cozy outdoor theater plays host to a number of Garden programs and performances designed to stimulate your child’s interest in the natural world.

Hands-On Play

Craft a masterpiece at the water “painting” wall. Build in the balsa wood construction area. Dance to the beat of your own drum with our outdoor instruments. A full-time Educational Horticulturist, engages children in small gardening activities.

Active Outdoor Play

Explore the tree-house area with climbing nets and a slide as well as some fun bridges to play on.

Constellation® Dogwood

This stately hybrid in the Trustees Garden beckons with large white blooms in spring.
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Swamp Hibiscus

Discover this showy summer wonder near the pond in the Lou Glenn Children's Garden.
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Falling Waters Bald Cypress

Discover this weeping tree near the water "painting" wall in the Lou Glenn Children's Garden.
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