Conservation & Research

Meet the Team

The Garden's Conservation & Research staff works diligently to improve the ecological stability of rare, threatened and endangered plants and their southeastern habitats. Its scope of work includes international outreach to Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and beyond.

Emily E. D. Coffey, Ph.D.

Vice President, Conservation & Research
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Laurie Blackmore, M.S.

Conservation & Research Manager
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Lauren Eserman, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator, Research Scientist
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John Evans, M.S.

Conservation Horticulture Manager
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Jason Ligon

Micropropagation & Seed Bank Coordinator
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Jean Linsky, M.Sc.

Coordinator, Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia
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Liz Miller

Field Biologist, GEBF Florida
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Carrie Radcliffe, M.S.

Mountain Bog Project Coordinator
Restoration & Safeguarding Database Manager
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Ian Sabo

Field Biologist
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Ashlynn Smith

Gulf Coast Coordinator, Research Scientist
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Jeff Talbert

Project Coordinator, GEBF Florida
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Rashaad Tillery

Conservation Horticulturist
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