Orchid Daze:
in Bloom

Orchid Daze returns to the Fuqua Orchid Center Feb. 14 – April 14 featuring collage works by Atlanta Artist Lillian Blades.

About the Exhibition

Orchid Daze, the Garden’s annual celebration of its signature plant collection, blooms this winter with a dazzling exhibition by Atlanta artist Lillian Blades’ mixed media works set amongst a lush, colorful flowering landscape.

The works complement three strikingly different orchid landscapes in the Fuqua Conservatory Lobby, Orchid Center Atrium and Orchid Center Display House. The warm colors of the Caribbean will dominate the lobby with exquisite Epidendrums, slipper orchids and dancing lady orchids that complement the color palette of her art. The architectural centerpiece of the atrium will be a domed gazebo framed by jewel-toned orchid curtains and surrounded by Blades’ sparkling collages. In the Orchid Display House, bold Vanda and Phalaenopsis columns will appear on a raised stage framed by a proscenium of Blades’ work and against a backdrop of her collages.

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About the Artist

“Light plays an important part of the work. I love how it bounces, how it goes through the materials and creates a stained glass effect with color,” Lillian Blades said in an interview. “I love the fact that you can see through it, you can move around it, almost like a wall, but treating it in a way like a painting, thinking of color, value, texture, the reflective qualities, the transparency of it.”

Blades’s work is influenced by her childhood home in The Bahamas, her ancestral background of West Africa and her late mother, who was a seamstress. These influences appear through her use of color and objects that evoke memory and history.

Her work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions, and in public and private commissions in the United States as well as The Bahamas, Trinidad, Germany and South Africa. She received the Excellence in Arts award from The Bahamas Consulate in Atlanta and was named Visual Artist of the Year by the National Black Arts Festival.

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About the Collection

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is home to one of the largest orchid collections at any public garden in the world. 

All year, countless orchids are displayed in two specific climate zones inside the Fuqua Orchid Center: the Tropical High Elevation House and the Orchid Display House. Some are brought from on-site greenhouses for display while in bloom. Others are permanently installed to illustrate a more naturalistic growth on trees and structures.


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Fuqua Orchid Center

Explore the largest collection of species orchids on permanent display in the United States. These gardens under glass represent two climate environments, offering more than 200 genera and 2,000 species of orchids, the largest and most diverse plant family in the world.
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Tropical High Elevation House

Experience vibrant plants in the the cool of the Fuqua Orchid Center’s Tropical High Elevation House, which features orchids, pitcher plants, tropical blueberries and more that grow in the tropics between 4,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level.
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