Alice’s Wonderland

About the Exhibition in Atlanta

Please note: Planning to see Alice’s Wonderland Reimagined before it ends? Visit soon – before Oct. 1 if possible! That’s when we begin the monumental task of bringing to life Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, which returns Nov. 14. We’ll start with Earth Goddess and save the Alice installations for last (Oct. 15) so you can enjoy them as long as possible.

Summer 2020: Venture down the rabbit hole with breathtaking new sculptures of the Red Queen and Alice herself.

Alice’s Wonderland returns to the Garden this summer – bigger and better than ever – accompanied by new larger-than-life plant giants – the Red Queen and Alice herself – along for the ride down the rabbit hole.

New this year

Alice’s Wonderland Reimagined, presented through November 1, features many of the enormous topiary-like sculptures from last year’s Imaginary Worlds: Alice’s Wonderland but also joined by several new sculptures. In addition to the towering White Rabbit, sprawling chess board and heart “trees,” and Cheshire Cat perched nearby, look for a 16-foot Red Queen and an all-new 14-foot Alice rotating in the Howell Fountain pool as she plummets down the “rabbit hole.”

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The Planting Process

About the exhibition

The sculptures are created through the centuries-old art of mosaiculture in which steel forms are covered in fabric, filled with soil and planted with thousands of living plants.

The Garden introduced guests to the art in 2013 when it presented the United States’ first major exhibition of mosaiculture produced by International Mosaiculture de Montreal®, a nonprofit group that has staged wildly successful displays of its work around the world.

Guests will also enjoy two permanent sculptures from previous shows – the iconic Earth Goddess and the lovable Shaggy Dog.

Guests may enjoy the sculptures dramatically lit nightly during extended hours until 9 p.m.

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