Henry’s Maple

Common Name: Henry’s Maple

Scientific Name: Acer henryi

Origin: China

Family: Aceraceae

Bloom time: Late Spring

This broadleaf deciduous tree grows up to 30 feet in full sun, preferably, but can tolerate the generous shade in Storza Woods. While tiny white-yellow spikes bloom on male and female plants, Henry's Maple is notable for its green trifoliate leaves that turn varying shades of red in the fall – perfect for seasonal color.

The plant is dioecious, meaning male and female flowers are on separate trees. When seeds are produced, they form long 4 - to 6-inch’ chains of winged seeds.

Henryi refers to Augustine Henry, an Irish plantsman who collected previously unknown plants while practicing medicine and studying the medicinal properties of plants in China in the 1880s. Some 19 plants now bare his name.