2024 Atlanta Botanical Garden Flower Show: Primavera People’s Choice Awards

Congratulations to the People's Choice Award Winners as voted by the public during the Atlanta Botanical Garden Flower Show: Primavera, Feb. 23-25, 2024.
Division I - Floral Design
Class 1. Atlanta in Bloom - Karen H'Doubler and Debbie Proctor, Club Estates Garden Club
Class 2. Glory of Spring - Jennifer Sterling, Carolina Foothills Garden Club (Zone VIII)
Class 3. Fashion Week - Carroll Wessels and John Wessels, River Oaks Garden Club (Zone IX) 
Class 4. Emergence - Kitty Wo, The Garden Club of Honolulu (Zone XII)
Class 5. Delight is in the Details - Lynda Blanchard, Sand Hills Garden Club (Zone VIII)
Class 6. Spring is in the Air - Mary Katherine Greene, Peachtree Garden Club (Zone VIII)
Division II - Horticulture
Class 89. Upcycle - Muriel Schelke, Cherokee Garden Club (Zone VIII)
Class 90. Kokedama - Gina Kennedy, The Monroe Garden Study League (Zone IX)
Division III - Photography
Class 1. Bees and Bugs - Liz Gibson
Class 2. Nature's Way - Donna Taylor
Class 3. Abundance - Ann Waldman, The Portland Garden Club (Zone XII)
Class 4. Ephemerals - Glenn Taylor
Class 5. Renewal - Debra Mercaldo
Class 6. Dreaming of Spring - Suzy Titcomb, Seattle Garden Club (Zone XII)
Division IV - Botanical Arts
Class 1. Spring Fledglings - Lisa Walker and Jennifer Fiss, Wissahickon Garden Club (Zone V)
Class 2. Spring Forward - Jennifer Barnette
Class 3. Spring Blossoms - (tie) Roberta Saraceno DuBeshter, Rochester Garden Club (Zone III) and Cheryl Miller, The Garden Club of Santa Barbara (Zone XII)
Class 4. Spring Collection - Yvonne Wade, Cherokee Garden Club (Zone VIII)