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Earth Goddess

As the focal point of the Cascades Garden, this 25-foot sculpture was the highlight of the 2013-14 Imaginary Worlds exhibition. Created by Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal, Earth Goddess, with her flowing locks and out-held hand spilling with water, became part of the Garden's permanent collection after the exhibition closed.

To create this Atlanta icon, artisan welders, working from sketches and photos, welded thin rods with sheet steel to create a framework for the plants and covering it in a liner and filling it with soil. Every spring, an internal irrigation system is attached and thousands of plants are “plugged.” There are 18,000 annuals in Earth Goddess alone. It takes several weeks for the growth to yield colorful, living textures. Most of the color comes more from foliage and less from blooms. The living sculpture is maintained daily by the horticulture team to keep it thriving and healthy. Visitors may observe staff at work meticulously shearing the piece, as constant grooming is needed to maintain the sculpture’s artistic lines.

During Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, Earth Goddess' hair shines bright with thousands of lights as she becomes Ice Goddess.