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Luminous Wire Birds

Cédric Le Borgne's Luminous Wire Birds were first displayed during Garden Lights, Holiday Nights in 2022. Three perched birds are displayed year-round, and three others join the flock during the holiday season, two of which are suspended in flight. In the evening, they are lighted from below to give the birds a flowing, weightless appearance. The artist describes the words as "sculptures made of light."

Shaped from wire mesh, sitting birds reach 10 feet in height, while the flying birds' wingspans reach 16 feet. Each weighs between 28 and 37 pounds. This installation requires a team of four to lift the flying birds into place.

"I work with the real and from the real," said the artist. "I seek to integrate my work within movement, time and space."

Le Borgne lives and works in Toulouse in the southwest of France. He was born in Paris in 1972.