Art Collections

Radiant Yellow Icicle Tower

Radiant Yellow Icicle Tower, a 30-foot-tall, brilliant glass sculpture created by Seattle artist Dale Chihuly, was installed in December 2021 in the Glade Garden, reaching toward the sky and reflecting on the surface of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Water Mirror below.

The gleaming tower creates a dramatic counterpoint to the cascading waterfalls and quiet pools of the recently completed Mary Ellen Imlay Channel Garden. Illuminated at night with exterior spot lighting, the tower was chosen to replace another Chihuly sculpture, the neon Saffron Tower, because of the resilience of the new sculpture’s blown glass forms.

The new art marks the third addition of a Chihuly sculpture to the Garden’s permanent sculpture collection – Parterre Fountain in the Levy Parterre has become a Garden icon, while the Nepenthes Chandelier in the Hardin Visitor Center is inspired by the pitcher plants that are focus of the Garden’s plant conservation work. In addition, a series of Chihuly drawings hangs prominently in Longleaf restaurant.