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Sibley Sculpture on Ferst Fountain

An 80-foot ceramic mural by Atlanta artist Christine Sibley adorns the Ferst Fountain. Water naiads are represented in bas relief peering out from behind the waterfall, while water lilies and lotus blossoms resemble a work in stained glass.

This fountain, donated in honor of Helen Montag Ferst, was built of gunnite in 1985. Local artist Christine Sibley obtained financing and added a ceramic facade. In 1990, she completed the edges and the tops of the walls. In 2012, the facade received much-needed repair. The fountain itself features exotic and native aquatic plants which are all winter-hardy. In spring you will fine Orontium aquaticum, Golden Club, in bloom.

On one end of the fountain is a large Wisteria arbor which blooms in March and April. On the opposite end is a hybrid dogwood, a cross between Corunus florida and Cornus kousa that blooms in striking pink flowers each spring.

See it yourself near the Perennial Garden and Japanese Garden.

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