meet the team

Caitlin Crocker, B.S.

Field Biologist, Deer Lake State Park, Florida 
Funded by a grant from the EPA 

Caitlin Crocker serves as the field biologist for the EPA funded grant at Deer Lake State Park in northwest Florida. She is responsible for implementing experimental restoration treatments within the park’s wetlands. Her main focus will be on monitoring vegetation, hydrology, soil, and herpetofauna responses to said restoration applications for the next three years. Caitlin studied natural resource conservation and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. Throughout her studies, she gained valuable experience involving habitat restoration as well as skills regarding herpetofauna sampling and monitoring. Caitlin will be continuing her studies as she pursues her master’s degree focusing on herpetofauna within Deer Lake State Park and advancing her knowledge for future research and conservation efforts.