meet the team

Carson, M.S.

Brittany Carson (Carson) is the Conservation Safeguarding Nursery Horticulturist Coordinator. She currently runs the safeguarding nursery in Gainesville, GA as well as assists the conservation horticulture team at the Midtown location. Carson became interested in horticulture by working in community gardens and fell in love with learning about herbal and medicinal plants. During her masters studies at North Carolina State University and bachelors at an HBCU called North Carolina Central University she learned more about the art and science of horticulture and was inspired by how it aligned with her passions and quickly began to pursue this path professionally. She began her professional path to conservation horticulture during an amazing internship at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kauai and Maui where she did biocultural conservation horticulture with native rare and endangered plants and at Chanticleer garden in Wayne, PA where she learned about naturalistic gardening in an ornamental pleasure garden. She is currently working on nursery expansion projects to refresh and improve both the maternal line tracking for the living collections and incorporate some of the conservation values developed by the SECC (Southeastern center for Conservation).