Meet the Team

Emily E. D. Coffey, Ph.D.

Research areas: In situ and Ex situ conservation, conservation biology, ecology, paleoecology, biodiversity studies, conservation science outreach and education

As the Vice President of Conservation & Research, Coffey leads a team of expert scientists and conservation horticulturists furthering the conservation of critical ecosystems and imperiled plants. A rare plant specialist at heart, Coffey brings broad botanical knowledge and experience with ex situ and in situ conservation, restoration ecology, community ecology and biogeography. Her experience also includes ecological processes and flora of many geographical regions including Appalachian Mountain fens/bogs, Southeastern wetlands, Missouri sandstone glades, Canary Island laurel forests and Galápagos Islands highlands. Coffey's focus is on building meaningful collaborative projects locally, regionally and internationally to further the mission to conserve natural plant communities.

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