Meet the Team

Jason Ligon

Research areas: orchids, seed banking, micropropagation, microtomography

Jason Ligon is the Micropropagation and Seed Bank Laboratory Coordinator at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Current research initiates focus on recalcitrant seed storage behavior, seed viability, and symbiotic germination. He received a B.S. from Clemson University in Environmental and Natural Resources with a concentration in Conservation Biology.  While enrolled, he interned with the National Park Service. He also helped census orchids in Moka, Equatorial Guinea. Starting in 2012, for three years Ligon trained in asymbiotic in vitro germination here at the Garden.  Then he spent four years gaining experience in horticulture and micropropagation while working as the assistant horticulturist with the Fuqua Orchid Center. In his current role, he works to develop and document species-specific seed banking and micropropagation protocols for plants in the Garden's Ex Situ Conservation Collection.