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Botanical Drawing Program

Learn to draw under the guidance of artist Carol Anne Sutherland. Beginning with principal drawing of the natural world in black and white, the courses develop technique until students gain the ability to dynamically capture majestic trees in graphite pencil and intricate orchids in colored pencil. Upon completion of the program, students will earn a Botanical Drawing Certificate.

Certificate Requirements

Participants earn a Botanical Drawing Certificate upon program completion of 140 total classroom hours.

  • Complete classes 1-9 (135 hours) plus one workshop (5 hours)
  • Buy portfolio, arrange work sequentially in classes 1-9; schedule portfolio review with instructor
  • Participate in Student Drawing Exhibition
  • 5 class meetings per class (3 hours/class; 15 total classroom hours)

List of program courses and 2022 schedule:

  • Introduction to Drawing in Black & White, course begins January 11 & January 13
  • Intermediate Drawing in Black & White, course begins February 15
  • Drawing Birds, Bees, and other Pollinators, course begins March 17
  • Introduction to Drawing in Colored Pencil, course begins March 29
  • Intermediate Drawing in Colored Pencil, course begins May 3
  • Drawing Orchids in Black & White, course begins June 14
  • Drawing Orchids in Colored Pencil, course begins July 19
  • Drawing Trees, course begins August 23
  • Fine Line Pen for Botanical Illustration, course begins September 27
  • Drawing the Fall Harvest, course begins November 1

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