Classroom Activities

The Garden offers a variety of classroom resources for download. Learn more about the edible gardening, amphibians and some of the Garden's fascinating plants and the environments they inhabit.

Schoolyard Edible Garden

Download the building blocks to begin your own fall or spring edible garden, including a list of monthly activities and two, school-year garden designs

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What is an Amphibian?

Learn about the amphibian life cycle and download a packet of classroom resources on frogs, toads, salamanders and more.

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Wetlands & Pitcher Plants

Learn more about wetland habitats and the carnivorous plants that grow there as they do in the Conservation Garden.

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Deciduous Forest

Learn more about Georgia’s deciduous forests, including Storza Woods at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and download a classroom resource packet for use with your students.

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Garden Discovery Activities

Download Garden Discovery Activity Packets, a great way individuals and self-group tours to learn more about nature and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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School Programs

Bring your students to the Garden to experience first hand one of the most diverse plant collections in the country. Each school tour focuses on specific areas of interest and is paired with curriculum guidelines.

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