Outreach, Education and Training

Citizen Science

Think globally, act locally. The Garden is involved in two citizen science projects: the Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program and TreeSnap.

Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program

The Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program (IMMP) is a national initiative dedicated to monitoring monarch butterfly populations and habitat throughout the monarch breeding range. Conservation & Research staff have joined the efforts of researchers, landowners and citizen scientists to collect data on monarchs using IMMP protocols. The Garden records monarch population data in Piedmont Park and Blacksville, GA.


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TreeSnap and Torreya taxifolia

Many trees within our forests are threatened by invasive diseases and pests. Scientists around the world are working to understand these pressures and increase tree health. That’s where citizens like you can help! The TreeSnap app allows you to identify and tag trees in your community, on your property or in the wild. Scientists use the data you collect to locate trees for research projects, such as the Garden’s work with the highly endangered conifer, Torreya taxifolia. Our citizen science project with the TreeSnap app allows the Torreya Keepers to document and monitor Torreya taxifolia locations, characteristics, and disease presence.


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