Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation

Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation Conference

March 2 – 6, 2020 at The Southeastern Center for Conservation at Atlanta Botanical Garden
Call for Poster & Oral Presentation Proposals
(Submission active September 16 – November 22)

We welcome poster and conference-style oral presentations highlighting successful and/or challenging conservation projects that feature collaboration and partnership benefitting rare and threatened plants. Poster presentations are not limited to a particular category and will be included in a formal poster session. Oral, conference-style presentation proposals may be selected for a “lightning talk” of 5-7 minutes or a 12-15 minute presentation as part of a themed series.

Categories for oral presentations:

Creative Conservation Initiatives
Share collaborative projects that are being implemented at a local, regional, or national level to promote the conservation of rare plants (or a plant species, habitat, or landscape). Plant conservation advocacy, policy, and resources may also be included in this category.

Private Lands Conservation
Share projects involving the conservation of rare and threatened plants and/or unique habitats on corporate, land trust, military, tribal, utility, or other private lands.

Safeguarding our Future
Share stories of in situ and ex situ safeguarding projects including (but not limited to) seed banking, conservation horticulture, augmentation/reintroduction of species in native habitats, and management of wild landscapes or plant collections. 

Science for Recovery
Share research and science-based approaches to plant conservation where results can be applied to the recovery of rare plant species in the wild including (but not limited to) climate change, extinction prevention, data collection standards, monitoring protocols, plant-pollinator interactions, population genetics, reproductive biology, and seed germination.

Please note the abstract submission deadline of November 8, 2019; contact Carrie Radcliffe ( with any questions.

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