Outreach, Education and Training

Teacher Workshops

The Garden’s Conservation & Research Department partners with its Education Department to provide training opportunities for middle and high school teachers in the Atlanta area. These workshops provide middle and high school teachers with the knowledge to effectively teach concepts relating to biodiversity and biotechnology, and to promote inquiry-based learning in their classrooms. The Garden also aligns workshop activities to Georgia Science Standards.

For more information, contact Dr. Lauren Eserman.


Past workshops

DNA Barcoding Teacher Workshop | September 2018

DNA barcoding is a powerful technique that is used to identify an unknown species using a short DNA sequence. This workshop, geared towards middle and high school teachers, will integrate DNA barcoding into a lesson designed to teach biodiversity. Participants will learn exactly what DNA barcoding is, survey an area for plant biodiversity, collect plant samples for our LifeScanner kits, and demonstrate a simplified DNA isolation from strawberries using only household items. Each teacher that attends the workshop will receive a LifeScanner kit to use in their classroom.