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Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is leading the Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia in cooperation with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). This system aims to collect, conserve, characterize and cultivate Magnolia species from around the world as an insurance policy against their extinction in the wild and as a source of plant material for human innovation, adaptation and resilience. Comprising more than 300 species, Magnolias are widely appreciated around the world for their ornamental qualities and as sources of medicines and timber. However, many are also imperiled. Over 50% of Magnolia species are threatened with extinction in the wild. Vast numbers of species are subject to habitat destruction, overharvesting and low natural regeneration. The Global Conservation Gap Analysis of Magnolia (2022) shows that just half of all Magnolia species are currently found in ex situ collections. There are more than 170 threatened species and only 42% of these are found in ex situ collections. This figure is well below Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, which calls for 75% of threatened plants to be held in ex situ collections.

The Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia (GCCM) brings together the world’s Magnolia experts, conservationists and the botanic garden community to achieve the following objectives:

  • Foster new and existing network(s) of experts;
  • Identify species of greatest conservation concern and prioritize conservation action;
  • Ensure effective in situ species conservation;
  • Establish, expand and manage ex situ collections of high conservation value;
  • Foster applied research (e.g. conservation biology, ecology, horticulture, population genetics, taxonomy) to support species conservation;
  • Build capacity to empower and mobilize in-country partners in diversity centres and across species’ ranges;
  • Increase public awareness and engagement with species conservation issues; and collaboratively fundraise to scale-up conservation action.

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Global Lead: Emily E. D. Coffey –
Coordinator of the Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia: Jean Linsky –