Gardens For
Connoisseurs Tour

Bidding Farewell 

Since 1984, the Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour has been a beloved Mother’s Day weekend tradition, offering an exceptional behind-the-scenes peek into a wonderful world of estate gardens, edible gardens, and private plant collections. 

As our dynamic city continues to grow and welcome many wonderful neighborhood garden opportunities to view spectacular spaces, the Atlanta Botanical Garden will no longer host this annual event.  We are encouraged that the spirit of the Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour continues to live on through the many wonderful tours throughout our community!

Our sincere appreciation remains for all of those who shared their home gardens over the years and to the many dedicated volunteers who contributed to the Tour’s success. A special acknowledgment to our Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour founders—Mary Wayne Dixon, Tom Woodham, and the late Ryan Gainey—along with the Garden Associates who carried the Tour from start to finish over the past four decades. We are truly grateful for your time, talents, and effort. 

We look forward to welcoming new traditions with all of you as we continue to expand the Garden’s impact and seek opportunities to celebrate our growing community.