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Mershon Hall

Built in 2003, Mershon Hall, named in honor of Hays and Anna Mershon, provided much-needed additional meeting space as the Garden grew to become a popular venue for weddings, receptions and conferences. It's the second largest indoor meeting space that, like Day Hall, is occasionally used for member events and large Garden events - like Concerts in the Garden or the biannual Flower Show – but is primarily for private events.

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Consider Mershon Hall for your next social or business event. This beautiful classical building with a modern Craftsman interior design is perfectly placed just off the Parterre.

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The Levy Parterre

Experience the stunning beauty of the Garden’s most formal space inspired by classic gardens popular in 17th-century France.

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Natchez Crape Myrtle

Flanking the Crape Myrtle Allee, these classically Southern summer trees create an umbrella of beauty above the Garden's busiest thoroughfare.
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The Levy Parterre boasts this dominant North American prairie grass that blooms in feathery plumes of purple whisps in fall.
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