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Orchid Display House

The Fuqua Orchid Center’s Orchid Display House highlights orchids that grow in the tropics from sea level to 6,000 feet elevation. At the front near the entrances from the Orchid Atrium and Southeastern Center for Conservation, orchids are displayed on a rotational basis below a cedar pergola. The back half features tropical orchids growing as epiphytes (harmlessly upon other plants), lithophytes (on rock) and terrestrials (in the soil) in a naturalistic setting.

Featured in the Orchid Display House are some of the Garden’s core orchid collections: Euglossine bee-pollinated orchids, Asian slipper orchids (Paphiopedilum), moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) and orchids of Madagascar. Look for the vines of Vanilla planifolia on the left near the pergola; natural vanilla flavor comes from the cured seed pods of this orchid.

The Orchid Display House also hosts rotating seasonal displays.

Paphiopedilum victoria-regina

Named for Queen Victoria in the 19th century, this Asian slipper orchid can be seen in the Orchid Display House.
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Stanhopea tigrina

See the largest flowers in the genus Stanhopea in the Orchid Display House.
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