Amphibians on Display

The Garden's amphibian program promotes conservation through education, research and in situ efforts, including live displays in the Fuqua Conservatory, educational programming and a striped newt reintroduction program.

Frogs of Panama

Meet the Triprion spinosus and
Incilius coniferus.

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Frogs of Colombia

This exhibit showcases a special “morph” or color pattern of a very rare frog,
Oophaga histrionica.

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Frogs of Ecuador

This exhibit represents the canopy layer high in the rainforests of Ecuador.

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Animals of Madagascar

Meet the Mantella aurantiaca and
Brookesia stumpffi.

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Animals in the Conservatories

In addition to the enclosures in the lobby, animals can be found throughout our “Gardens under Glass.”

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