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Anne Cox Chambers Garden

The Anne Cox Chambers Garden is the first room to welcome guests as they begin their journey through the Garden's many biodiverse spaces. Design to highlight Georgia's moderate climate that allows for gardening throughout the year, the garden is a mostly-shaded three-acre space that displays a broad diversity of ornamental plants suitable to the southeastern Piedmont, including ferns, maples, hostas, toad lilies, camellias, shade-loving conifers, native azaleas and hydrangeas. The Fern Dell Fountain lends a focal point to the wooded garden.

Voodoo Lily

Smell something rotten in the Anne Cox Chambers Southern Seasons Garden? It may be this unique plant also known as Devil's Tongue.
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Japanese stewartia

Find this camellia and its somewhat surprising summer blooms in the Anne Cox Chambers Southern Seasons Garden. Its Japanese name, natsu tsubaki, means “summer camellia” and refers to the early summer flowers that resemble those of camellias from which Its species name "pseudocamellia" is derived. This resemblance is readily understandable: both Stewartia and Camellia are members of the tea family.
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Rain Lily

Rain Lilies in the Anne Cox Chambers Southern Seasons Garden welcome summertime guests at the beginning of their Garden journeys.
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