The Rose Garden highlights some of the variation found in the much-revered rose. Careful selections are made to blend both antique and heirloom roses with modern hybrids so both classic forms can be enjoyed with the newer hybridization trends.

Double petaled and single roses are both welcome additions. The singles are frequently pollinated and often develop the red showy hips that are decorative accents throughout the winter. Some selections are made because of the wonderful and familiar fragrances that roses can produce. There are climbing roses to be found with their tall arching stems covered in delicate flowers. Rose species can also be found where one can see the variety of shapes from ground cover to large cascading shrubs. All fragrant, roses in the Garden include Noisettes, Bourbons, Damasks, found, or wild, roses. The bulk of the collection is grown in the Rose Garden, where they are evaluated for disease resistance. Nearly all in the collection are repeat bloomers – and because they are planted with perennials as companions, they make the garden sparkle with color both in fall as well as spring.

Chaste Tree

The plant gets its name from the belief that it is an anaphrodisiac (decreases libido). This aromatic shrub of the mint family is produces masses of showy flower spikes that attract butterflies and other pollinators. In warmer climates, it can be trained to grow as a small, single trunk tree or a large shrub.
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Livin’ Easy® Floribunda Rose

A gorgeous gradient of apricot and orange, this Rose Garden showstopper offers a fruity fragrance on early summer mornings.
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Shrub Rose

A thornless rose? Absolutely! Find this favorite peaking around Mother's Day in the Rose Garden.
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